Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of St. John, U.S.V.I.

Green Sanctuary

Here are the 12 actions St. John Unitarian Universalist Fellowship must take to become a certified green sanctuary, and their status. Please contact the Action Leader if you can help.

Title Description Leader Status
At least 2 activities involving worship, spiritual practice, and/or community celebration
Green Sanctuary Service @ Annual Viers Retreat Overnight Retreat at Viers Facility, Educational Programs, Campfire, Yoga, Singing, Morning Service Suki Buchalter Jan 22nd (Full Moon)
Jan 26-27, 2008
Jan 20-22th, 2011
Earth Day Celebration Join VI National Park in their annual event in April. Plants, Guidebooks, Green bags (for sale). Ann Glenn April 2008, April 2009
April 2010, April 2011
At least 2 religious education programs, one for children and one for adults
Coast Weeks Clean-up Volunteer to help clean up mangrove areas or beach areas. Work with a local school group. Sarah Close To be announced.
National Turtle Watch Program Adopt a beach on St. John to monitor turtle activity or travel to St. Croix to join Earthwatch. Craig Barshinger Will Call Park Service.
At least 2 activities addressing environmental justice issues, at least one of which is a year-long project involving the entire congregation and collaborating with one or more groups in the broader community
Assist in the effort to establish recycling on
St. John
Advocate and organize / Write letters to Senators.
Work with Waste Management Authority
Sarah Close Met with John Levering / Wrote letters to Senators.
Watch-Dog Program Monitor water runoff, concrete spills.
Identify sources of pollution.
Craig Barshinger Accident on East End,
On-going effort.Project on Bordeaux.
At least 4 activities covering elements of sustainable living, including at least one energy conservation action
Gifft Hill Organics Join and Encourage efforts of co-op buying club at St. John School.
Develop shopping bags.
Sarah Close Co-op is operational.
Orders coming in / membership open.
Meditation Garden on UU property Plan and implement a meditation garden.
All who are able and willing will join in.
Charlie Deyalsingh Planning stage
Enviromental News We will share environmental news in congregation.
Compile energy tips and newsworthy items.
Ann Glenn Ongoing effort.
Lower WAPA Bills Challenge ourselves by planning a year of lowering our WAPA bills. unplugging non-essentials /load balancing /using compact fluorescents. Craig Barshinger
Pledge for 2008.
Compact fluorescents
Load balancing
Unplug nonessentials
2010 monitor
Reduced WAPA bills
At least 2 additional activities relating to the elements of your choice
Worship & Celebration Earth Center Worship.
Celebrate Equinox, Solstice, Full Moon.
Drumming, Music, Crystal Bowls
Suki Buchalter
Fall Equinox Sept 21, 2007 Yoga Mala, Estate Concordia
Winter Solstice Dec 21, 2008 Service on UUF property
Summer Solstice June 21, 2009 Celebration
Green Publications Smart Guide to Island Housekeeping.
Newspaper column / Charlie's info.
Gail Karlsson

Compiled information Sold advertising May 2007-May 2008 - 2010
Completed Smart Guide May 2008 - 2010
Printed/Distribution July 2008 - 2010
Smart Guide available: Friends of the Park store,
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