Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of St. John, U.S.V.I.

February 2015 St. John Unitarian Universalists Newsletter

February NUUS


Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of St John Mission Statement: We nurture and inspire our community with open minds, as we connect in spirit and celebrate our island home.


Feb. 1st at VIERS Rev. Allen Wells;  What Marks Our Spiritual Journey? Though the nature of our spiritual journeys differ widely, most of us are on one whether we know it or not. But, are we headed in the right direction? And how would we know? I would like to suggest a perspective which we can all use to evaluate our progress, whatever our beliefs.

Feb. 8th Rev Allen Wells: The Buddha, Iphone & Happiness: Do we all want to be happy? Are there levels of happiness? For those of us that seek greater happiness, what contributes to our success?
Recent research using iPhone technology suggests some answers and confirms the wisdom of The Buddha. I would like to talk with you about the nature of happiness.

Feb 15th: Merry Stockwell: Since I Last Saw You: What moments large and small from the past year taught you, shaped you, grew you, changed you? I will share three things that I learned, or re-learned this year.

Feb 22 Merry Stockwell: Faith: Are we born with faith? Faith in what? Is faith a choice? Can you develop a faith? Is faith a help or a hindrance? I will give my thoughts and experience on this subject that UU’s often avoid.


Rev. Allen Wells: When Allen is asked to fill in the blank for “occupation” on an application form, he writes “student”. In 2009, he graduated from an intensive Integrated Study Practice Program at the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies and he has recently completed a six weeks silent meditation retreat at the Insight Meditation Society in Mass. Allen currently serves The Morristown Unitarian Fellowship as Affiliated Community Minister, and he maintains a private, mindfulness based psychotherapy practice in Morristown. He is an earth-centered, Buddhist, UU, or as he says: a “Gaia Bu U”.

Merry Stockwell; Once upon a time I began growing up in a suburb of Boston. At Bates College I met my husband Dan and began a 45 year marriage. Along the way we had a daughter and two sons. And along the way we discovered Maho Bay and this beautiful island. For 25 years I enjoyed a wonderful career as Director of Religious Education serving three different Unitarian Universalist churches. Now I am widowed and live in Peterborough, N.H. Among my many blessings are three grandsons, St. John, and the people of the St. John UU Fellowship. I am still growing up.

Phone number for Guest Apartment and Visiting Speakers: 693-8392

Our Sunday Services are held in the Great Room of the Gifft Hill School, Lower Elementary Campus, promptly at 10:00 AM. Children are invited to attend the service. Services are held October through June. Quiet time begins 9:45 AM each Sunday. Please be seated before 10 so we can begin on time.

Special Events:

Feb 8th: Potluck and Baby Shower for Craig and Jodi and soon-come Baby Claire Barshinger. Please RSVP as soon as possible so we can let everyone know how many people to expect (for estimating how much food to prepare). Also, please let me know what you’ll be bringing so we can try to get a good balance and variety. My email is maria@tropicalescape.com  If you would like to assist in simple decorations let Maria know as well!

Feb 22nd; Executive Committee Meeting after service, all welcome to attend.

WEBSITE; Go to our homepage Ride from the Cruz Bay Ferry Dock: If you would like a ride, please call Anna Tuttle at 776-6332 (a day in advance if possible).

Lunch after Sunday service: Members and friends regularly meet for lunch after Sunday service. We welcome visitors to join us.

Child care is available upon request (in advance)

We are always seeking donations to the operational costs of our fellowship. This will become very easy now that we have a PayPal account simply go to the page DONATIONS and click the “Donate” button. Your commitment and offerings pay for: our guest speakers (both local and visiting), upkeep and insurance for the car they use (which needs replacing), rent, utilities and cleaning of the apartment for them, rent of the school room for services, in addition to our accompanist, liability insurance for the school (new expenses), child care/education, and our dues to the National and Distinct UU. We encourage you to make a personal commitment so that your board may more realistically budget for the year and so that you can receive a tax deductible donation letter from us.

NUUSLETTER: Please forward any newsletter info to me by Jan 28 for inclusion in Feb newsletter. Lisaway@vacationvistas.com

LOG IN to our website and blog. Current members should have received email with instructions for logging in.

Copies of our Guide to Island Housekeeping are still available for your personal use or for rental properties (I’ve had several guests comment extremely favorably about our work—and one took home to their own congregation so see how something could be adapted to their area!). Also available for reading or download at our website SMART GUIDE

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