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January 2015 St John Unitarian Universalist Newsletter

chinesestyle-ink-auspicious-new-year-2-7270A very Most Auspicious New Year to all! A chance to let go of all we need not carry into the next year and a chance to embrace that which we wish to become!

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of St John Mission Statement:
We nurture and inspire our community with open minds, as we connect in spirit and celebrate our island home.


Jan 4th, Rev. Sara Zimmerman: Reflections on Wisdom”   Philosopher Richard Nozick says “Wisdom is not simply knowing how to steer one’s way through life, cope with difficulties, etc. It also is knowing the deepest story, being able to see and appreciate the deepest significance of whatever occurs.” During the discussion, I will invite your reflections on wisdom, your deepest stories.

Jan 11th, Rev. Sara Zimmerman: “No Longer the Odd Couple: Science and Spirituality” Scientists historically have been oppressed by opponents of their beliefs on religious grounds. Now the Dalai Lama calls for the collaboration of science and spirituality to help humanity meet the challenges before us. In one example this sermon will introduce, a physician’s intuition—usually believed to be more ‘spiritual’ than ‘scientific’ – is used to correctly diagnose and treat patients. Can distance healing also be used to treat patients? I will share the research that supports the scientific basis for use of these healing modalities.

Jan. 18, Rev. Sara Zimmerman: “Quantum Physics and Eastern Philosophy: Interconnectedness as Confirmed by the Discovery of the Higgs Boson so-called ‘God’ Particle’” When the Higgs Boson particle was discovered at the CERN lab in Geneva, Switzerland in 2012, the discovery generated a science versus religion controversy. Clergy of other faiths claimed that discovery of the Higgs Boson proves that God created the world; scientists claimed that the discovery proves that God the creator does not exist. What is the UU point of view?

Jan 25th, Rev. Allen Wells:  Trust Intimate Knowing: “We are growing to rely more upon abstract data. Abstract equations can deliver us to the moon. But only embodied knowing can tell us whether we should go there. And it’s knowledge of the heart, gut, and yes, soul that leads us to connection, care, compassion and happiness. Today we will talk about how trust in such knowledge can lead us to a sacred place.”


Rev. Dr. Sara Zimmerman retired in the fall of 2013 as the settled minister of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Tampa. Born and raised in Harrisburg, PA, she is a graduate of Hood College in Frederick, MD, and holds a master’s degree in comparative literature from Indiana University, Bloomington; a master of divinity degree from the Pacific School of Religion; and a doctor of ministry degree from Meadville Lombard Theological School. Prior to ordination as a UU minister in 2001, Sara served for 20 years as a director for the alternative admissions program and as a lecturer in comparative literature at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She recently completed a curriculum entitled “Spirituality, Science and Healing” that was funded in part by a grant from the UU Funding Program. Sara is a proud grandmother to Henry, 11, and Helen, 8, who live in Milwaukee.

Rev. Allen Wells:  When Allen is asked to fill in the blank for “occupation” on an application form, he writes “student”. In 2009, he graduated from an intensive Integrated Study Practice Program at the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies and he has recently completed a six weeks silent meditation retreat at the Insight Meditation Society in Mass. Allen currently serves The Morristown Unitarian Fellowship as Affiliated Community Minister, and he maintains a private, mindfulness based psychotherapy practice in Morristown. He is an earth-centered, Buddhist, UU, or as he says: a “Gaia Bu U”.

Phone number for Guest Apartment and Visiting Speakers: 693-8392

Our Sunday Services are held in the Great Room of the Gifft Hill School, Lower Elementary Campus, promptly at 10:00 AM. Children are invited to attend the service. Services are held October through June. Quiet time begins 9:45 AM each Sunday. Please be seated before 10 so we can begin on time.

Special Events:

Jan 8th, 7-9 pm Video night; Video (20 min) and Discussion TBC with Rev. Sara “Spirituality, Science and Healing” at Linda Sorensen’s call 503-819-5383 for directions

Jan. 11th;  Executive Committee Meeting after service, all welcome to attend

Jan. 15th, 7-9 pm Video night: Video (20 min) and Discussion TBC with Rev. Sara “Spirituality, Science and Healing”  at Linda Sorensen’s call 503-819-5383 for directions

Jan. 18th: POTLUCK after service. Bring a dish to share, your own utensils and join in conversation and sharing!

Jan 31st; VIERS Overnight retreat Arrive Sat . stay for the day or overnight, service on Feb 1st will be held at VIERS; more info to come!

WEBSITE; Go to our homepage

Ride from the Cruz Bay Ferry Dock: If you would like a ride, please call Anna Tuttle at 776-6332 (a day in advance if possible).

Lunch after Sunday service: Members and friends regularly meet for lunch after Sunday service. We welcome visitors to join us.

Child care is available upon request (in advance)

We are always seeking donations to the operational costs of our fellowship. This will become very easy now that we have a PayPal account simply go to the page DONATIONS and click the “Donate” button. Your commitment and offerings pay for: our guest speakers (both local and visiting), upkeep and insurance for the car they use (which needs replacing), rent, utilities and cleaning of the apartment for them, rent of the school room for services, in addition to our accompanist, liability insurance for the school (new expenses), child care/education, and our dues to the National and Distinct UU. We encourage you to make a personal commitment so that your board may more realistically budget for the year and so that you can receive a tax deductible donation letter from us.

Please forward any newsletter info to me by Jan 28 for inclusion in Feb newsletter. Lisaway@vacationvistas.com

LOG IN to our website and blog. Current members should have received email with instructions for logging in.

Copies of our Guide to Island Housekeeping are still available for your personal use or for rental properties (I’ve had several guests comment extremely favorably about our work- and one took home to their own congregation so see how something could be adapted to their area!) Also available for reading or download at our website SMART GUIDE

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