Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of St. John, U.S.V.I.


St. John Unitarian Universalist Spiritual Music
from Singing the Living Tradition (The Unitarian Universalist Association, Beacon Press, Boston, MA 1993) 

Familiar Page #
Spirit of Life 123
Now Let Us Sing 368
Love will Guide Us 131
Abide with Me 101
Morning is Broken 38
Amazing Grace 205
Jesus our Brother 303
Turn Back; Earth might be Fair 120
Thelma’s Song Sheet music
Guide my Feet 348
As we leave this place 414
Gather the Spirit 347
Down by the Riverside 162
Round 389
Come Sing a Song with Me 121
I’m on my Way 116
Wake Now My Senses 298
Drinking Gourd 152
(spiritual) I wish 151
Bring Many Names 21
Mother Father 8
We would be one (tune: Sibelius) 318
Glory, Hallelujah 201
Everytime I feel the Spirit 208
For the Earth forever Turning 163
Life is the Greatest Gift of all 331
One more step 168
This little light of mine 118
Peace like a river 100
Favorites Page #
My Life flows on in Endless Song 108
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child 97
De Colores 305
Oh what a Piece of work are we! 313
We would be one 318
God of the earth, the sea, the sky 25
Traditional Page #
Mother Spirit, Father Spirit 8
We sing now together (Thanksgiving) 67
Come sing a song with me 346
Let it be a dance 311
A Firemist and a Planet 343
Come come whoever you are 188
We are dancing Sarah’s Circle 212
We are a gentle angry people 170
etc. several peace songs 173
Voice still and small 391
Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me Sheet Music
We Laugh….And we believe in life 354
Morning has broken 38
Challenging Page #
Surprised by joy 410
We are children of the earth 314
I know this rose will open 396
Dark of winter 55
Oh slowly slowly they return trees 342
Name unnamed 31
Thank be for these 322
I cannot think of them as dead 96
We utter our cry (for a peaceful world) 137
One world 133
(long) Lift every voice in song 149
Oh world thou choosest not the better part 341
There are numerous strings-Tagore 197