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New Content: Articles by Gail Karlsson for UUF Tree Project

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  A Manly Scent From St John Forest.  bay rum trees s
 Can Stress Lead to Greater Productivity  tree with nail in trunk s
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 The Loneliness Of Stinking Toes. stinking toes Lizard Hill s
The Secret Service Of Bats  TW fishing bat held by Danielle
Missing Century Plants  century plant with bananaquits s cropped



The Secret Service of Bats

Danielle Fibikar holding a greater bulldog fishing bat at VIERS

This summer, students attending the Eco-Camp at the VI Environmental Resource Station (VIERS) will be initiated into the mysteries of the bat world by Danielle Fibikar, a researcher from the College of Staten Island in New York City. Although bats are the only mammals that are native to St. John, most people don’t really know much about the intriguing work they do.

Preserving the Cultural Heritage of St. John’s Plants


Ital talking to UU Tree Project participants at VIERS

During the recent Unitarian Fellowship retreat at VIERS (the VI Environmental Resource Station), Ital Delroy Anthony led our group on a nature walk around Lameshur Bay. When he was growing up on St. John, his mother taught him about the uses of different plants and now he shares that information with others, along with stories about traditional Virgin Islands culture.

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